Saturday, June 15, 2019 Market Offerings

Some of our farmers are also dads, who began farming as a way to provide the healthiest food for their families and now we’re proud to be able to share our love of the best ingredients with you and your family. Using our foods in a favorite recipe this Father’s Day will truly bring all of our efforts full circle. The Alex Weiss Trio will be with us, so stop by for some music in the morning while you shop.

This week we are bringing some of the first blueberries of the season, microgreens, animal-welfare-approved pork and lamb, kale and other greens, Nightshades (ex. tomatoes and eggplant), free-range chicken, herbs (as plants or picked), eggs, and more! You may also be able to sample a ground cherry if you haven’t tried one before.

The Family Farmstead

Grass fed Beef, blueberries, flowers, eggs.

Chickpea Farm

Nightshades Saturday! Lots of tomatoes! First week for eggplant, too. And this Saturday only: new red and Yukon potatoes (I had a very small crop this year). I’ll also have eggs, tomatillos, basil, ground cherries (try one, they’re yummy!), beets, and kohlrabi. Plants: last week for sweet potato; milkweeds, hibiscus, various other pollinator-friendly perennials.

Bull City Farm

We will have 2 new sausage flavors this weekend unique to our farm! A mild Italian and a mild breakfast. We will also have our usual selection of our animal-welfare-approved pork and lamb cuts and sausages, Turkey cuts and our pasture raised eggs. Mira will also have her beautiful bouquets created from flowers grown on the farm. See you at market and be sure to bring a friend!

The Microgreenery

A selection of microgreens and Hemp products.

Mama Springs Farm

Cut flower bouquets.

Eight Arrows Farm

New pork cuts available! We have pinwheel chorizo, chorizo, maple pinky links, milk breakfast pinky links. We still have bacon in stock as well as brats, pork chops, ribs, mild and hot sausage, ground pork, boston butts, and lots more. We’ll also be bringing our pasture raised and rotated and organically fed chicken! We have leg quarters, boneless/ skinless breasts, wings, tenders, backs, feet, and liver. Come see us for your healthy meat for the week!

Dandies Farm

Salanova colorful lettuce mix, blueberries, squash (several varieties), carrots, small beets and beet greens, Rainbow chard, kale, Kohlrabi, basil, chives, mint, Veggie and Herb starts, Lavender and Rosemary plants, Elephant garlic flowers, annual flower 4-packs, Muscadine plant, Hops plant, & baked goods. Small amounts of new vegetables, just starting to pick.

Caywood Farm

Grass fed beef, steaks, roasts, ground beef, stew meat and soup bones, brisket.

As Always …

We look forward to seeing you from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m. and don’t forget to stop in at the Brightleaf stores and restaurants, too. 905 West Main Street, Durham. Enter the courtyard from North Gregson Street, between West Main and Peabody Streets.

Validated parking is available in the lot directly across from the courtyard entrance. Make sure to visit the market info table near the entrance to get your ticket stamped.

The venue is also dog-friendly, so feel free to stop by with your furry friends, we’d love to meet them!

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