Toad Hill Farm

We’re a new family owned small-scale farm in northern Durham county – co-run by Nicole Connelly and Mike Austin with much support from our daughter and parents/in-laws.  Our goal is to grow delicious, healthy, interesting and accessible food for our friends and neighbors in and around Durham, all while being good to our local toad and frog population (and teaching ourselves and our daughter, and hopefully a lot of friends what it means to steward land and grow our own food)!!

We view our farm as an integrated biological system and are thrilled to be partnered with native microbes, insects, plants and animals to support our cultivation of a diverse garden and orchard (and eventually flock and herd).  We’re staying small and diversified so we can leave chemicals out, and expect this and every year from here on out to be ‘a learning year’ for all of us.

We’re beyond grateful to be stepping into this adventure in Durham amongst a terrific community of farmers, food-system advocates, devoted policy-makers, educators, fellow moms and dads and friends.  This is the culmination of a long plan Nicole has been covertly progressing since she was 9 years old and Mike (and Mike’s parents) and many friends have jumped right in to get us in the garden and to the Roots Market this year!

Watch this space for a link to our website with more detail on our story and what’s growing, and in the meantime come see us at the Roots market – the three of us will be thrilled to meet you and tell you more!farm stand