The Family Farmstead

IMG_20180331_150524As we became aware of how damaging modern agricultural practices have become for all aspects of Creation, we became very passionate about shifting our lifestyle towards healing some of that damage done to our soils, animals, bodies, and minds.We believe that through a more Creation based lifestyle that mimics nature’s ecology and economy of scale, we will be able to work towards a more healing conscious future, for generations to come.We believe a large number of the various physical and mental ailments and maladies present in society today are due to mineral deficiencies, nutrient scarcity and toxic residues in the vast majority of our food sources.We are committed to the nourishment of life in our soils and the cleanliness and nutrient density of the food we produce. To that end, we are very stringent to make sure no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or residues thereof, are put on or in our animals or products.  As we strive towards producing food that is healing to our bodies in a manner that is healing to our soil, we desire to share that with you.

What we sell is what we eat and that’s why we say its “Food You Can Trust”.