Eight Arrows Farm

Eight Arrows Farm takes serious our responsibility to be good stewards of nature. We seek to cultivate creation using restorative farm practices that are sustainable, safe, and diversified which provide delightful, nutrient dense food fueling health and happiness to the people we serve.
All our animals are raised and rotated on the pasture and supplemented with organic grain from Reedy Fork Farms. We sell whole chicken as well as chicken cuts that include boneless skinless breasts, wings, leg quarters, tenders, livers, backs, and feet.
We sell whole turkeys for Thanksgiving and ground turkey, turkey wings, drumsticks, liver, and feet throughout the season. We have a variety of cuts of pork such as mild/hot sausage, brats, sausage links, chorizo, pork chops, tenderloins, ribs and much more! We also raise American Chinchilla rabbits and sell their delicious and super nutritious meat!