Caywood Farm

Caywood Farm July 2017Caywood Farm is a northern Durham County cattle farm dedicated to providing humanely raised grass-fed beef to the local community. The management team consists of Cathy, Neil and Hunter Frank. Daughter Emma is off to school right now but claims she will one day return to the farm. We presently have a herd of 35 black and red Angus mama cows that are pasture raised throughout the year. Our cattle raising practices include strip grazing pasture, stockpiling grasses for the winter and low pressure cattle works to maintain a healthy and docile herd.   We use a mix of cool season perennials, native warm season grasses and annuals for feed. The cattle are not fed grains or given added growth hormones. Use of antibiotics is limited to sick animals and if treated, those animals do not become part of our retail beef program.

The farm consists of 330 acres of a mix of half forest and half pasture. We are twice winners of the Durham Soil and Water District ‘Farm Family of the Year’ award and ‘Forest Manager of the Year’ including being designated a Stewardship Forest.  300 acres of the farm are in a permanent Conservation Easement. For the last 5 years we have hosted a pair of nesting bald eagles.