Small herb plants in pots sitting in a wooden box with Cheerwine logo on the front
Shopping the Market

Find Gifts for Mom at the Farmers Market

Two women and a baby at a farmers' market table with herbs. A farmer is selling the herbs.
Photo by Sean Rowe

We have fresh ideas for you!

Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, May 12, and if you need gift ideas, check out the Roots farmers and retailers at Historic Brightleaf Square on Saturday and bring something picked fresh for Mom! Our ideas have much to do with locally-sourced food, which is what we’re passionate about, but you’ll find that the convenience of our location at Brightleaf brings more to the table for you and your family each time you visit!


Strawberries are in Season

Grey t-shirt with a screen printed strawberry in black ink.
Photo by Nancy C. Sampson

If these juicy berries are your mom’s favorite, pair a t-shirt or tote from Song of Sixpence with a freshly picked pint of fruit from one of our vendors. Add some of Dandies Farm’s homebaked shortcakes for a sweet and memorable gift.


Salad Days

If salad is always on Mom’s menu, you’re in luck! Our growers offer a wide variety of greens to make a tasty medley: Romaine, microgreens, chard, kale, spinach, fresh herbs, and more. Then, stop in Bull City Olive Oil to create your own vinaigrette pairing selected to mom’s tastes with seasonally-produced olive oils from Spain, Greece, Chile, or Italy and excellent quality vinegars. The shop also has additional gourmet provisions to complement any meal. Plus chocolates, fruit preserves, and local honey if you’re already thinking about dessert.


Sideways basket of beets with greens on a farmers' market table and a sign: "Carrots $4/lb. Beets $3/ lb.
Photo by Sean Rowe

To Market With Mom

Plan a Saturday morning outing with Mom so that the two of you may experience the market together. Chat with farmers, browse freshly harvested produce and meats, and select ingredients for an amazing Mother’s Day meal … that you will be preparing, of course! How about a spinach omelette or frittata with pork sausage links on the side for breakfast? For dinner, try humanely-raised grilled steak or pork chops and roasted root vegetables.


Morgan Imports store, main entrance on North Gregson St.
Photo by Sean Rowe

The Heart of the Home

Check out Kitchen and Dining Department at Morgan Imports to outfit your (or mom’s) home with gadgets and accessories for food prep and storage, serving bowls and platters, barware, or table linens. They also have a great selection of veggie and fruit cleaning tools, canning supplies, and special storage bags to help your produce retain its nutrients and last longer.


Small herb plants in pots sitting in a wooden box with Cheerwine logo on the front
Photo by Sean Rowe

Let a Garden Grow

Textbook Plantery recently joined our list farmers who bring an assortment of starter plants to create a home garden, the gift that keeps on growing. Build an herb garden with basil, lavender, mint, and rosemary. Other starter plants include hops, flowers, muscadine vine, and a variety of tomatoes.


Beyond Roots Farmers’ Market

There are more fantastic retailers and restaurants that we enjoy sharing the courtyard with, each with options for excellent gifts or good food:

Book one of AR Workshop’s sessions and spend a few hours crafting together.

Have a treasured family photo framed or find work from local artists at Bull City Frame.

Items from Indio’s selection of local and international artisan-made textiles, beauty products, journals, and more make thoughtful and lovely gifts.

Hamilton Hill has a unique and sophisticated selection of fine, handcrafted jewelry.

And, details offers a curated collection of leather goods and fine accessories; many are sustainable and ecologically-friendly creations.

Storefronts of details and Hamilton Hill stores in Brightleaf Square
Photo by Nancy C. Sampson

After shopping, you’ll probably be hungry! Enjoy a meal at Clouds Brewing, El Rodeo, or Mount Fuji; or treat yourself to ice cream from Sugarfish.

We hope these ideas help you choose an extra-special Mother’s Day gift. Our farmers’ tables are in the courtyard on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., stop by and say hello!

Follow us on social media (@durhamrootsfm on Facebook or Instagram) or this website to learn what our farmers are bringing to sell each week.



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