Why Annuals are a good idea.

Many gardeners overlook annuals seeming to prefer perennials for their flower power. Annuals, many developed from tropical and sub-tropical species are particularly well -suited for our hot, humid summers. Sure you have to replace them each year, but part of the fun of growing annuals is figuring out what combination of colors you want to play with this year. Breeders have created some amazing colors and plant characteristics. Look for plants with “AAS Winner ” designation as an indication that a particular variety has some outstanding characteristics. One petunia that achieved that distinction for 2017 is ‘Evening Scentsation’. This beautiful blue/purple petunia seems to bloom constantly and is the first petunia to win this award for its strong fragrance, noticed particularly in the late afternoon through the night.  You can find a wide selection of annuals at Accent on Annuals at our Roots Market every Saturday during the Spring through July. petunias 002


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