This Week at the Market

Durham Roots Farmers Market Saturday 8-12 Northgate Mall, Gregson Street entrance near the theater ==============================================

We’ve got some great goods at the market this week. Visit our blog, http://www.durhamroots.org for some delicious recipes using products you can pick up at the market.

Blue Whistler Farm – New product: Non GMO, pastured ground turkey! Also hot dogs, duck breasts, legs, quarters & wings as well as turkey breasts, legs, thighs & wings, pork & whole rabbit.

Bumpnose Road Farm – Mushrooms: Pink Oyster, Golden Oyster, White Oyster; Cucumbers: Poona Kheera, Sweet Armenian & Marketmore 76; Beets: Early Wonder, Detroit Red; Garlic: White, Red, Elephant, lots of French Shallots, a few onions

Chickpea Farm – Okra (regular, red, and stumpy [Beck’s Big Buck), up to eight varieties of tomatoes from sturdy pink to juicy-ripe, hot & sweet peppers, eggplant, a few dozen eggs & some ornamental gourds

Dandies Farm – Tomatoes- Very large mountain slicing tomatoes, medium size early girls, mini Romas & super sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, Eggplant- Italian &Asian, basil, elephant garlic, okra

Esmerelda’s Cafe – hot coffee, pastries, Ninth Street Bakery bread

Sankofa Farm – chicken & quail eggs

Textbook Plantery -Free Genovese Basil Plant with Any Purchase! Blue African Basil, Hot & Spicy Oregano, Cilantro, Cheswick Cherry Tomatoes, Smokey Bronze Fennel, Barbeque Rosemary, Pink Senorita Zinnas, Succulents, Terrariums, Dried Coriander, Shigurui Chrysanthemum

The above lists are always subject to change and some items are in short supply.

Please no pets, other than service animals, at the market.

*** Durham County’s Farmland Preservation Board initiated the Durham Roots Farmer’s Market at Northgate because preserving Durham County’s farms means providing more sales opportunities for Durham County farmers and horticulturalists. We heartily welcome everyone from small and beginning to large and established producers, as well as church, school, and community gardens.
We love socializing:
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